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Get the most out of Microsoft 365

Expertise to enhance your Microsoft 365 deployment

Microsoft 365’s applications, cloud services, and data security options underpin many organisations’ operations, driving productivity, flexibility and collaboration. 

The challenge is to configure its capability to best meet your needs — now, and in the future.

Nuago’s expertise means we’re able to go beyond the core components of Microsoft 365 to build and deliver enhanced solutions, ensuring you get the most out of this powerful solution suite.

Taking Microsoft 365 further

  • Enhanced Azure AD deployment
  • Autopilot and Intune integration
  • Teams/Teams Calling effectiveness
  • Outlook Mail resilience

Identity and security

Ensuring all your users — whether on-premises or via cloud — can sign on and access mission-critical apps and resources is vital. 

Nuago will work with you to ensure the components of Microsoft 365’s Azure Active Directory — Single Sign-On, Multi-Factor Authentication and self-services capabilities — are deployed professionally and consistently across your user base.

We can also lead the integration of Azure AD as part of your cloud capability. 

Desktop deployment

Microsoft’s device deployment solutions — Windows Autopilot and Intune — have transformed how new users and devices access an organisation’s digital ecosystem.

Nuago can help your IT staff to implement Autopilot so that users can log in, verify, then start working quickly and efficiently. 

We can also ensure that Intune’s cloud-based platform is effectively deployed to manage user devices, streamline and automate deployment, provisioning, policy management, app delivery, and updates, and provide secure access to app protection, compliance and conditional access policies.

Teams Calling

Microsoft Teams Calling builds on Teams’ core functionality by enabling phone calls to landlines and mobiles direct from within the app. 

Nuago will ensure that Teams and Teams Calling are fully integrated into your capability, maximising functionality and productivity for users across your organisation. 

Email security

Email is a major vulnerability point for organisations, so providing your organisation with comprehensive protection against this threat is vital.

Nuago can build resilience into your Outlook Mail deployment, including re-writing of inbound emails URLs and pre-emptively scanning email attachments into a secure sandbox. End users are also protected against whaling and tac fraud through a sophisticated set of security checks.

Alexander Symonds

"Nuago took the time to get to know our business, then helped us understand where and how our current technology was holding us back. Their recommendations identified how we could increase staff productivity and customer experience while being prudent in our IT investment."

Franco Rea, Director