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Focused on you

Every day, Nuago’s technology professionals come together to help our clients across South Australia to achieve amazing results.

Our senior team is responsible for leading us forward — and ensuring that the collective talents of everyone within the business continues to focus on our customers and their priorities.

Meet the senior team…

  • Brendon O’Rourke Managing Director

    Brendon brings over 20 years’ experience in the IT sector to his role within Nuago. As Managing Director, his principal goal is to ensure that the business is fully directed towards meeting the current and future needs of the company’s clients.

    Brendon’s broader responsibilities also include nurturing a strong culture that’s aligned to Nuago’s values, and providing leadership to ensure the company’s mission and goals are achieved.

  • Mick O’Rourke Chairman

    Mick possesses deep experience across project management, marketing, sales, senior management and business ownership. His career has included roles with Exxon and Hewlett-Packard, and within marketing leadership positions.

    Mick’s responsibilities at Nuago include chairing, planning, advising, monitoring and facilitating company board decisions including strategic, legal, and financial matters.

  • Connor O’Rourke Director of Sales

    Connor has over a decade’s experience working in the South Australian IT industry. His strong customer-centric mindset helps ensure Nuago clients can fully benefit from technology within their organisation.

    Connor is responsible for managing relationships with Nuago’s customers, leading the business’s sales team, and collaborating with business partners to deliver client-ready solutions.

  • Ben Scholefield Director of Managed Services

    Ben has 20 years’ experience in the IT industry supporting large financial institutions, key manufacturers and SMBs. His focus is on ensuring that organisations keep up with the ever-changing digital landscape.

    Ben is responsible for building and evolving Nuago’s unique modular Managed Service capabilities, as well as ensuring the company’s team is continually innovating and exceeding client expectations.

  • Dave Brown Director of Design & Innovation

    Dave has worked within the local, national and global IT industry for over 20 years. His focus has centred on supporting businesses to optimise their digital outcomes.

    Dave leads Nuago’s strategic design, solution architecture and product design disciplines. He applies his strengths in ideation, strategy and communication to enable clients to maximise the benefits from their technology platform.

  • Mark Wiskar Head of Professional Services

    Mark is a seasoned professional with over 25 years of experience in technology and business. Throughout his career, Mark has built an impressive reputation for his ability to foster high-performing teams and implement technology solutions across a diverse range of business sectors.

    As Head of Professional Services, Mark is the driving force behind our Technical and Project Management capabilities. With his extensive knowledge and proven track record, Mark ensures that every solution we deliver to our customers is of the highest quality, aligned with their unique needs and goals.

  • Antonietta Silvestri Head of Operations

    Antonietta has a wealth of operational expertise, and possesses a Bachelor of Business in Accounting and a Diploma in Human Resource Management. Her focus is on enhancing Nuago’s customer experience and optimising vendor relationships.

    Antonietta’s responsibilities include ensuring effective and efficient daily operations, alongside financial management, people management, warehousing logistics and inventory control.

  • Edgar Croes Head of Security

    Edgar has a proven track record of Design, Implementation & Support of critical network infrastructure with over 10 years in the industry. As Head of Security for Nuago, Edgar helps clients grow their cyber posture, drawing upon a depth of experience across Enterprise Network Security, Cybersecurity Assessments and Consultancy.

  • Ben Gordon-Edwards Managed Services Operations Manager

    Ben has over 15 years of experience across IT MSP and Enterprise hosting. Utilising the ITIL framework and his technical background, Ben is focused on delivering great outcomes for Nuago's customers.

    Ben leads the Managed Services Technical teams and conducts continual process improvements. In addition, he oversees the areas of Change, Incident Management and Risk Awareness across the business.