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Who else is watching your business?

The Essential Eight is the Australian Government-endorsed strategy for minimising the risk of a cyber breach. But knowing what the strategy is, how it works, where it fits, and how to best implement it can seem just as challenging as the cyber risks it’s designed to protect you from. That’s where Nuago comes in.

Nuago offers tailored, practical advice specific to understanding how cyber risks affect your core business and how our Essential Eight and Essential Eight Plus Assessments can minimise those risks, and maximise compliance, security and peace of mind.

The assessment solution for you

With an ever-growing, ever-changing range of cyber threats targeting businesses of all sizes, boards, customers, regulatory bodies, and insurance companies are increasingly demanding that businesses put steps in place to minimise exposure and align security practices with established and trusted standards.

Recognising the need is the first step. The next step is much bigger, and it’s common for executives to find themselves unsure about what to do next – and often, they’re not helped by advice that’s too generic, overly complex, or lacking in any practical, realistic solutions to effectively address risks.

As experts in providing straightforward, easy-to-understand, bespoke advice, we’ve developed Essential Eight’ and Essential Eight Plus’ security assessments – designed to give you a clearer picture of where you sit in relation to the Essential Eight maturity levels, with tailored recommendations to help your business become more secure.

Essential advice is just the beginning

Our commitment to you doesn’t end with an Essential Eight Assessment. In fact, it’s just the start. Nuago is one of the few cyber security companies that not only provides you with clear remediation solutions and pricing, but can also help you both achieve and maintain alignment with the Essential Eight. The Essential Eight Controls, when implemented and maintained correctly, are highly effective ways to mitigate cyber risk, however are still limited in their scope. Nuago offer a recommended expansion to these controls with our Essential Eight Plus’ assessment, including other vital elements like email security, end-point security, and end user awareness training. Think of us as your ongoing partners in cyber security, and as an ISO27001-accredited organisation, we prioritise the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your business now and in the future.


Welcome to a new level of security where simplicity, relevance, and solutions converge. Welcome to the Nuago Essential Eight Assessments.

  • Application Control
  • Patch Applications
  • Configure Microsoft Office Macro Settings
  • User Application Hardening
  • Restrict Admin Privileges
  • Patch Operating Systems
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Regular Backups

For those looking to bolster their span of protection even further, the Essential Eight Plus Assessment includes all of the Essential Eight Controls, plus the following additional controls.

  • End-Point Protection
  • Email Security
  • User Awareness
  • Harden External Facing Services
  • Compromised User Credentials
  • Password Policies
  • Servers Auto-Logoff

Why a Nuago Essential Eight Assessment makes sense

  • Deliver peace of mind for stakeholders

  • Maintain customer confidence

  • Address insurance concerns

  • Meet compliance requirements

  • Identify and mitigate cyber weaknesses

  • Bolster IT policies and procedures

Whatever you’re looking for, Nuago has the assessment solution for you.