“In August 2017 Land Services SA were the successful bidder for the privatisation of the state’s land title and valuation services. Land Services SA initially engaged Nuago to assist with planning the transition of desktop, network, email and telephony services from the State Government to a self-contained Land Services SA environment.

Since that initial engagement, Land Services SA has worked with every area of the Nuago business – from Advisory & Consulting in the planning phase, Procurement and Professional Services in the delivery of the program of works and now the Nuago Managed Service team are responsible for day-to-day management of our ICT environment which supports 120 staff across nine locations here in SA.

Nuago was able to complete the transition of all ICT services, from the first conversation to the go-live of staff on the new environment, in eight months – well within what was originally estimated by external consultants in the due diligence phase. Nuago ensured the quality of the experience on Day 1 was not compromised by the speed of transition and feedback from a number of our staff was that it was the smoothest ICT transition they had ever been involved in.

Nuago have always been conscious of the fact that we are a public facing organisation and our ability to deliver service to SA constituents cannot be compromised. Throughout our entire engagement with Nuago they have been responsive to our needs and flexible to suit our requirements. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Nuago over the coming years.”

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