Westminster school

Advancing School Security

Westminster school partnered with Fortinet and Nuago to enhance usability, effectiveness, and security of the network and student data. Since implementing the new system Westminster school has been able to immediately identify and defend against sophisticated inbound threats to the network. Whilst at the same time providing unique access to teachers to open restricted content for learning purposes autonomously, without the need to call the ICT help desk.

Concordia College

Simplifying Device Deployment

Concordia College partnered with Nuago to simplify and enhance their deployment experience. They have been able to save extensive time and effort in deploying, administering, and troubleshooting their devices, freeing up time to focus other outcomes that enhance the learning environment.

Prince Alfred College

DR and Scalability Solved

Prince Alfred College (PAC) engaged Nuago and Nutanix to design and develop a solution that would provide confidence in disaster recovery (DR) integrity, simplify system administration, and provide ease of scalability to suit the changing needs of the college. PAC were able to realise all of these benefits by leveraging the power of hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI), and maximised their investment by adopting the benefits of Nutanix’s Acropolis hypervisor – a first for private education in South Australia.

Pedare Christian College

Pioneering Public Cloud

Pedare Christian College invited Nuago to assist them with their bold move to public cloud – a pioneering first for K-12 schools in South Australia. Through collaborative design and development, Pedare worked with Nuago to realise a wealth of benefits available through their public cloud transition, resulting in cost savings, simplified management, and greater educational outcomes for the student body.


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