Today’s technology user requires access to the applications they need, when they need it in a way that is secure, fast and reliable. Whether it be end user devices, infrastructure or software licensing, Nuago can develop a procurement strategy that aligns with your current technology stack, future projects and individual budget requirements.

Nuago partners with only the leading hardware and software companies and have a mature network of Australia’s largest IT distributors, allowing us to provide an expanded suite of products at cost effective rates delivered anywhere in Australia and in many cases overseas.

A comprehensive list of our vendors can be found on our Partnerships and Certifications page.

We pride ourselves on timely response times and quick turnarounds, with a range of value-added services listed below:

  • Fully managed end point rollouts – by understanding your existing investments and future technology strategy, we prepare a comprehensive plan to assist with the process end-to-end – minimising downtime and risk to your organisation.
  • Device lifecycle management – ensure that your devices stay covered by support and maintenance with our proactive notifications.
  • Shipping to multiple office locations – multiple sites and office locations for rollouts are not a problem with our Operations and Project Management team who are able to manage the entire process for you.
  • Sensitive freight delivery – available for all critical infrastructure that is being relocated e.g. – relocation from on-premise to data centre.
  • Software packaging and deployment – we can assist in packaging, deploying and managing of your environment including Microsoft InTune and SCCM.
  • Electrical testing – testing and tagging of electrical equipment and compliant to the AS/NZS 3760 standard of compliance.
  • Asset tagging – custom asset tagging of devices and serial number cataloguing into a database for ease of distribution, tracking and management.
  • Device Customisation – application of custom logos, stickers, skins and protective cases to devices.
  • e-waste removal – post-rollout collection and project co-ordination of certified e-waste disposal to ensure environmental responsibility.
  • Secure data destruction – multi-phase wiping of hard drives to ensure secure destruction of data to organisational requirements with certificate of destruction.
  • Australia-wide – reach for delivery and deployment of endpoints across Australia.

Request a tour of our facility and see why our service keeps customers coming back. From presales through to delivery, we tailor bespoke procurement solutions to the needs of your organisation and its users.

You will never have to print off a quotation again. Nuago operates an online ordering system where users can view their quote, edit quantities and digitally sign off for purchasing. We arrange custom online price-books for our customers that takes seconds to create orders.

In Nuago’s secure South Australian warehouse we can configure devices, coordinate shipments, and hold buffer stock for clients with same day/next day service level agreements.

View Concordia College’s fully managed deployment experience of their student devices.

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