We believe all organisations should have someone to call upon when they have a business challenge where the source or solution is technology.

Our Vision

To use cutting edge technology and market knowledge to help our clients make decisions that result in better business outcomes and make their staff’s lives simpler.

Our Approach

Our focus is to first understand your business so that we can then provide advice that is tailored to you.
The Design & Innovation team encompasses three Design disciplines:

Solution Design

Most commonly known in the industry as “Solution Architecture”, our simplified and streamlined Solution Design process helps clients to reach a position where they have sufficient information for their technology funding decisions.

The traditional “one-size-fits-all” proposal document is no longer fit for the modern economy, where business leaders need to be agile in their decision-making process. Depending on our clients needs, our approach provides a High Level Estimate (HLE), Letter of Engagement (LoE), Heads of Agreement (HoA) or Proposal, promoting an quick turnaround with the right amount of information at the right time to aid in your decision-making process.

Strategic Design

In our Strategic Design discipline, our focus is to understand your business so that we can provide tailored strategic advice that is uniquely relevant for your business.

From here, we can assist our clients with ICT Strategic Planning and Cloud Transition Planning, and a wide range of other strategic technology decisions.

Product Design

The purpose of our Product Design discipline is to build offerings and outcomes for our clients that are greater than the sum of their parts.

We develop products using a repeatable, automated, and layered approach, designed to meet each clients unique needs while simultaneously bringing value to more clients and delivering at a lower overall cost per client.

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