We believe all organisations should have someone to call upon when they have a business challenge they think technology may be able to help overcome.

Our Vision

We understand the art of the possible and are able to provide organisations with business focused, technology enabled answers to their questions – answers that will help you evolve your business.

We believe that treating ICT as a cost centre is a flawed strategy and that technology can truly become a competitive advantage for your business.

Our Approach

Our focus is to first seek to understand your business so that we can then provide advice that is tailored to you.

We understand the full breadth of technology “out there” so that we identify opportunities where technology can assist in realising cost efficiencies, increasing employee effectiveness and enhancing customer satisfaction.

We don’t talk tech – we talk outcomes. We translate features and functions into what they’ll mean for your business so that your technology investment is presented to your financial and executive management in terms they are familiar with and with clearly identifiable business outcomes.

We provide sound advice to help guide your technology investment including operational expenditure, capital investment and ICT support sourcing model so that you can be confident your technology investment is delivering tangible business outcomes.

We provide you access to a wealth of knowledge as to what other businesses have done / are doing in situations similar to yours so that your business is not blazing a completely new trail.

Our Services

The Nuago Advisory & Consulting team provide point-in-time engagements including:

  • Strategic ICT Consultancy
  • Cloud Adoption / Transition
  • Technology TCO Audit
  • Advisory
  • Transformative Consultancy

The Nuago Advisory & Consulting team also provide ongoing service arrangements including:

  • Operational IT Management – unencumber the CFO, GM or MD from the burden of overseeing day-to-day ICT Operations by contracting a Nuago consultant at a fraction of the cost of a Full Time IT Manager
  • Strategic IT Leadership – complement the skills of your existing ICT team by contracting a Nuago consultant to provide strategic technology leadership and act as the conduit between your Board / CEO and IT Management
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