Rapid changes in networking and security are being driven by advancements in mobility and the transition of corporate applications into the cloud. Organisations need networking solutions that can support the delivery of cloud services and mobility without compromising on security.

Software Defined WAN

Gartner estimates annual WAN traffic growth of 25% to 30%, driven by the adoption of cloud platforms, increasing use of video and growing IoT deployments.

Software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) is a fundamental change in WAN architecture that enables organisations to deliver the performance and agility required to meet these requirements.

SD-WAN also provides new options for driving down costs and simplifying the deployment and management of WAN environments. Key drivers for our customers include:

  • Rapidly provision and scale connections to public cloud providers;
  • The transitioning of services to lower-cost Internet transports;
  • Zero-touch provisioning of branch office devices for quicker deployment and refresh of remote locations.

Mobile Device Management

The network no longer has a clearly defined perimeter that can be secured with an Internet firewall. It now extends into the cloud with a requirement to extend access to mobile devices and support BYOD.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) provide organisations with the ability to securely manage mobile devices and provision access to corporate applications, Wi-Fi and other resources.

Nuago can help your organisation deploy MDM solutions that utilise enterprise app stores, providing your staff with self-service access to applications regardless of their physical location. This also facilitates the digitisation of business processes such as time recording, resourcing and HR workflows.

Advanced Threat Protection

Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) solutions use an application-centric approach to provide detailed information about the applications, users and content traversing the network. With this level of visibility, you can deploy granular user-based access controls to safely enable applications traversing the network, make informed decisions on network access and reduce incident-response time.

This level of protection is a requirement for all clients regardless of their network connection or physical location. It is also extended into SaaS environments where there are new risks for malware propagation, data leakage and regulatory non-compliance.

Email Security

Nuago designs and implements cloud-based Email Security solutions that provide your organisation with comprehensive protection against threats.

These solutions employ various techniques including re-writing URLs in inbound emails and pre-emptively scanning email attachments in a secure sandbox. End users (a.k.a the ‘human factor’) are also protected against whaling and tac fraud through a sophisticated set of security checks.

Wireless Networking

Nuago designs and implements wireless solutions that deliver the latest advancements in wireless technology and analytics:

  • Location-based analytics and social media integration to help you to engage with your customers;
  • Visibility and control over the devices that connect to the network and the applications they consume;
  • Quality of Service (QoS) to prioritise mission critical applications, while limiting or blocking traffic such as video streaming;
  • Integrated layer 7 firewalls to protect the network and block access to inappropriate content.
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